Quizzes.Next: Searchable Item Banks and Taggable Quiz Questions

Idea created by Noah Stroehle on Feb 26, 2016
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas
    Hello Canvas Peeps,


    We are excited about the attention that’s been paid to Canvas Quizzes the past couple years and would love to see a couple functions added. The issue is that as Questions Banks grow in size and complexity, it becomes increasingly difficulty to manage questions within these banks (some with thousands of questions.) To address this issue, it’d be awesome if an instructor possessed the following:


        1.    The ability to tag individual quiz questions with multiple tags

        2.    The ability to search question banks for these tags and/or conduct full-text keyword searches


    It’d also be sweet if Canvas remembered the tags that you’d used previously, you know, like the Canvas communities do! The current solution of writing detailed question titles isn’t adequate when managing question banks that contain large quantities of questions.


    Thanks for checking out this feature request!


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    For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2019-03-30) .