Provide students with option to pin or bookmark a page in a module

Idea created by on Feb 26, 2016
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    Students need a way to pin (or perhaps bookmark) where they are leaving off in a module so they can quickly return to that location on subsequent login.


    This previously posted idea Bookmark is interesting and would seem to me to be beneficial if it could be incorporated into a solution as well. I see value in the added benefit of being able to bookmark pages you wish to return to for any reason.


    There is a bookmark option in the Android Mobile App How do I bookmark content in the Canvas app on my Android device? I see benefit in applying this concept to all versions of Canvas.


    Please note that I am identifying a problem but am not suggesting a specific solution. I trust the Product Management team will determine the best manner to implement a solution to the problem. I think it would be interesting for others to comment with recommendations of how this might look in the product.