"Message students who..." feature should filter by Section when selected.

Idea created by Grant Harbor on May 31, 2016
    Open for Voting

    We have lots of courses with several sections. In Gradebook, our teachers would like to use the "message students who.." feature by Section. Currently, even when you filter by Section in the Gradebook,  the "message students who" feature still populates the message with ALL students in the course who fit the criteria, not just the ones in that section.


    When "All Sections" is selected it should default to this but when a specific Section is Selected it should only message students who fit the criteria within that section.


    Currently because of this it makes the "Message Students Who" feature useless to any course with Sections.


    P.S I know this feature has been posted before and didn't get enough votes and this is the only way I can see to get the feature back into voting.Biray Seitz