Raise Limit for Show Question Details in Quizzes

Idea created by Nicole S (UCF-CDL) on Apr 24, 2017
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


    Currently in quizzes the "Show Question Details" is limit to only display when there are 25 questions or less. Anything above 25 prevents this checkbox from being clicked. 


    We have had numerous instructors ask about this feature and for the possibility of it to be increased. Based on a previous feature request, I believe question banks will display up to 50 questions. Raise the 50-question question edit/preview cap for Question Banks 


    Comments from Instructure


    This idea was completed with general availability of Quizzes.Next.  You can find more information about the overall project in the Quizzes.Next User Group.


    • Quizzes.Next is now available for all paid accounts.
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