Susan Nugent

Table Accessibility in Canvas

Blog Post created by Susan Nugent Expert on May 11, 2018

The table feature in the rich content editor has been improved making it easier to add formatting to the table. The following guide details how to use the table feature in the rich content editor. 



Generally speaking tables should only be used for tabular data. If you do use tables for design, make sure the content will make sense when read from left to right in each row of the table. Regardless of how  you use tables, each table should have a header row and caption.



How to Make the First Row a Header

It is important to note there are a few extra steps you need to complete to make your table more accessible.  Use the tutorial below for step by step instructions on how to add header row and caption. Create the table as normal. (1) Select the first row of your table. (2) Click the table option and select Row > Row Properties.  

Rich content editor using table row properties

In the row properties dialog box next to row type select Header. Click OK

row properties dialog box 

With the first row still selected Click the table option again and select Cell > Cell Properties

Table options in rich  content editor

In the cell properties dialog box next to cell type select Header cell. Click OK

cell properties dialog box

How to  Add a Caption to a Table

Select the table until you see the white handles at the each corner. Click the Table properties button below the table. 

selected table in the rich content editor

In the table properties dialog box next to caption place a check mark in the box. Click OK

table properties dialog box

In the editor you will see extra space above the table. Enter your caption text here. Once you have completed these steps your table will be more accessible for all your students. 

adding caption text to a table