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Ally & UDOIT


I was hoping that someone could clarify the similarities and differences between Ally & UDOIT?? I know Ally is a paid service and I believe UDOIT is available on GItHub (correct me if I'm wrong) but I'm curious if anyone is using both of them. If so, why? Essentially I'm trying to determine if UDOIT is able to go beyond files which Ally focuses on. Also, is UDOIT implemented system wide or can it be isolated to specific courses?

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@a11ygal accessibility‌ #udoit

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Community Team
Community Team

 @kristi_oneilgon ‌, I'm wondering if you've had a chance to check out  @christopher_phi 's comment in the related conversation here: 

Thank you Stefanie. I knew the information had to be somewhere in the Community. I will definitely check it out. 

Thank you stefaniesanders‌! If those slides don't help @Kristi O'Neil-Gonzalez, the video from Instructurcon should be up soon or I'm happy to answer any specific questions! 

I remember seeing that session on the InstructureCon agenda and look forward to watching your session once it's available. I will definitely follow up with any questions that arise.

Thanks for the offer!!

Hi Kristi, and anyone else coming to this thread late (like me! 😉 )

Christopher's presentation at InstructureCon 2017 is now online:

Mission Possible: Accessible Course Materials- Christopher Phillips - YouTube

Thanks  @christopher_phi ‌, great presentation!

Thanks so much  @marcus_derijk ‌! I also wrote a blog post about the presentation that shares some of the comparison and provides links to the slides at: 

Thanks Christopher, excellent resource!