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Canvas Accessibility in Files UI


I just have have a few questions about the Canvas Files UI

I have switched to using the HighContrast UI in Canvas to enhance the theme colors, but I wanted know if  it possible to change the light blue highlight in the file's sections? It can be difficult to see the light blue against a white background to determine if something is selected.

Also, is it possible to add another option with a "Select All" feature? I understand that pressing "CTRL" + A when selecting a file accomplishes this, but it can also be useful to have a checkbox next to the file name, as well as making the number of items selected more visible so that it is not easily overlooked.  I look forward to any suggestions you all may have. Thanks!


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I think this is a great suggestion! It would definitely help when working in the Files area.

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Hello @mlongmorm21 

Thanks for posting this in the Community! 

I played around with the theme editor in my sandbox for quite a while and did not see a way to do this there. You might be able to change the light blue highlight color in the file's section with something such as Custom CSS. However I am not super familiar with that process and what is would involve. 

I feel that a 'Select All' button in the files area would be super helpful! Especially when an instructor is trying to delete multiple files at once. Currently the only way to do this is as you mentioned: CTRL + A. I did not see that an idea has been presented on this. Would you be interested in Submitting this idea? HERE is a link to where you can do that. 


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