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Community Coach

Highlighting HTML Code that Needs Fixed

Hi tr_jbates‌...

When UDOIT finds an error that needs to be corrected (for example, "Alternative Text should not be the image filename"), has there been any thought to actually highlighting that portion of the code in UDOIT so that people can see exactly where the error occurs?  It might look something like this:

UDOIT Highlight Error in Code

Or, maybe the error could be bolded or italicized...something so that it stands out from the rest of the HTML?

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Community Champion

I can see that being useful for images, but for other types of errors/suggestions, I think we'd have to expand the HTML source to make the highlight more useful.  In its current state, most errors/suggestions would be highlighting the entire source of the issue.  I suppose that wouldn't be a horrible side effect, though.  What do you think?

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That's a good point.  Also, I can see where if an image didn't have "alt" text at all or a link didn't have descriptive text when you hover over it...then what would you highlight after UDOIT scans the course?  My guess would be nothing because the code doesn't exist in it's current state?  So, you'd have to add that information by clicking "U FIX IT!".  Code can be intimidating to look at...especially for was thinking that some kind of highlighting might be helpful for some people.

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I'll add an issue for highlighting the specific portion of the source for ALT text and links without descriptive text.  If there is no ALT text or link text, nothing will be highlighted.  I was also thinking of doing full syntax highlighting for the HTML, which would make the code easier to read for everyone.