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Math Equations - Chrome - NVDA Reads Them 2x (and only the 2nd time is correct)

I'm migrating an Algebra course and when doing some random accessibility checks on math equations using NVDA, in Chrome (since that is our school system's preferred browser), NVDA reads the equation two times. The first time is mostly inaccurate--example, it would read 1/2x as "12 x" instead of "one half x". The second time it reads though, it's perfect.

This is true, by the way, for both MathML markup that is created outside of Canvas and pasted into code view in Canvas, and also equations built in LaTeX in the Canvas equation editor. (So the issue isn't caused by the Canvas equation editor--a fear of mine since I have now written and placed hundreds of LaTeX equations in this course by now using the native editor.)

Can anyone give insight into what generates the two readings and what is the difference between the two? I wish there were a way to have MathJax only serve up to the screen reader whatever is the markup for the second reading, which reads fine. Otherwise, what are our options? Tell screen reader users to just wait for the second time around, because then it will make sense? Or hope that students may be given access to Firefox at their school, since FF reads it correctly the first time (and only reads it once)?

From what I've read, MathJax is supposed to compensate for Chrome's lack of MathML support, but from our tests it seems somewhat shakily still. The content is there, but the user has to listen to a mis-read version of it first, which isn't ideal.

Anyone have feedback on this issue, as well as what might be done to improve the reading in Chrome, if anything?

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