RCE not being accessible

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Hi all


Its great there is an accessibility checker embedded in the RCE but I am told from our Disability Liaison Officer that there are a number of breaches. It alone has approximately 20 Level A breaches.  Its use of Aria has resulted in duplicated alt tags for every image which doubles the amount of links to scroll through/ listen to.  There are numerous Aria labels that don’t lead anywhere, links that contain no text, and the form controls toward the bottom of the page don’t have basic corresponding labels/ where form labels are present that aren’t correctly associated with their corresponding form controls. 


I found this on a forum https://community.canvaslms.com/thread/20634-rce-not-keyboard-accessible  and our Disability Liaison Officer is also saying even after checking instructions on the page, there are still several form controls, etc. do not correspond correctly, something these postings  don’t identify as a potential issue. Just wondering how others are getting around making sure the RCE is accessible?