UDOIT 2.5.0 "Dana"

Community Champion

This release is dedicated to the memory of Dana Danger Grey, a wonderful person and fierce proponent of accessibility.  Read more about Dana's life here.

The main focus for this release is adding the "first draft" of the admin panel.  This interface is accessible from the Account Navigation menu.  Here are its current features:

  • View all scans done in all courses at your institution.
  • View the most common errors found in courses.
  • Administer users.
  • View the growth of users over time

Because this feature is still experimental, we have disabled it by default.  However, it's very simple to enable, which is explained in the README.

Important Note:  If you are upgrading from an existing installation, there are some specific instructions you need to follow.  Refer to the full release notes.

PHP 7.3 Incompatibility:  If you are using PHP 7.3 on your servers, give yourself a pat on the back for keeping up with the latest versions!  Unfortunately, due to some issues we've had with PHP 7.3 on Heroku, we do not officially support it at this time.  More testing is needed to determine compatibility.

Bugs Fixed

  • Script tags are now stripped from HTML code snippets.  This was causing a number of rendering issues.
  • Heroku instances made within the last couple of months had many issues with UFIXIT.  This issue has been fixed, but if you are experiencing those issues, you will need to go through the Heroku instance creation process again.

Features Added

  • Admin interface
  • Images marked as decorative in the RCE are detected and ignored (no error or suggestion is thrown).
  • The date and time for old reports is now displayed in a more human-readable format.
  • Database options can now be passed through to the PDO constructor by way of the localConfig file.
  • The Job Queue table name is now configurable.
  • Removed compatibility with deprecated version of PHP (5.6 and 7.0)