UDOIT 2.6.1

Community Champion

This release fixes some bugs that were reported shortly after the release of 2.6.0.  I would like to thank Tulane University and Cidi Labs for discovering these issues and contributing solutions!

Please refer to the release notes for 2.6.0 for installation and configuration instructions.

Bugs Fixed

  • Updated mPDF version to the latest, which adds compatibility with PHP 7.2.
  • Repositioned the SameSite cookie settings so that they can be overridden in localConfig.php.
  • Added a fix that works around the default Safari cookie policy.  Essentially, it streamlines the process of creating a cookie for a first-time UDOIT user so that Safari allows UDOIT to set cookies from within Canvas in the future.
  • Fixed issue where activating the UFIXIT button with your keyboard would cause you to lose focus.  Now, focus changes to the container for the UFIXIT interface after the UFIXIT button is activated.