UDOIT 2.6.4

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I'm back with another bugfix release!  If you are able, it would be most helpful if you could update your QA or Testing instance of UDOIT to this version; the last few bugfix releases were made possible by institutions testing out the code in their unique environments.  I greatly appreciate the help!

Upgrade Instructions

  • Download UDOIT version 2.6.4
  • Test in a development or QA environment, not on production.
  • If you are still using PHP 7.1 or below, you must upgrade to 7.2 or 7.3.
  • If you're coming from a version older than 2.6.3:
    • (Self-Hosted) Update your localConfig.php file to make sure it's up to date with localConfig.template.php
    • (Heroku-Hosted) Update your Config Vars to include the new variables
    • back up your database and run "php composer.phar migrate"
  • Run "php composer.phar install"
  • (Heroku-Hosted) Follow the instructions in HEROKU.md

Bugs Fixed

  • Changed "expire" key to "lifetime" for creating the session cookie. The old key was invalid, and was causing a PHP warning to be thrown. #530
  • Added a line to Quail to remove whitespace from HTML to eliminate false positive for missing table headers. #529
  • Updated html-minifier to a fork that fixes a warning in PHP7 #527
  • Updated to latest version of Composer #527
  • Changed misleading error when a syllabus_body is not returned from Canvas. If UDOIT is using a scoped developer key, an empty syllabus_body will display an error message to the user explaining the limitations of scoped developer keys in some installations of Canvas. If UDOIT is not using a scoped developer key, UDOIT tells the user that no accessibility issues were found in the Syllabus. #490