UDOIT Version 2.3.0 "Bithlo"

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Note: There is a known issue with the self-hosted version of this release.  If you are using Heroku, you can safely ignore this message.  View the UDOIT FAILED TO SCAN THIS COURSE thread for more information.  This issue will be fixed in 2.3.1.  For now, we recommend waiting until the next release to upgrade.

This release was mostly an overhaul of the backend with a few visual tweaks here and there.  You might not notice the changes, but they were sorely needed.  As always, if you have any issues, please comment on this blog post so that we can keep everything in one place.

Important Note:  If you are upgrading from an existing installation, there are some specific instructions you need to follow.  Refer to the  full release notes.


  • Added support for PHP7 while maintaining backwards compatibility.
  • Enabled usage of a background worker with Heroku, fixing timeout issues and allowing for scalibility on that platform. #292
  • Added version number to the top-right of the banner.
  • Fixed "double scrollbar" issue by making the iFrame height dynamic.
  • Fixed a bug where UFIXIT would stop working an hour after your scan was started.
  • Replaced the UDOIT graphic with an SVG for higher quality and scalability.

Read the full release notes for more information and installation/upgrade instructions.

The UDOIT team wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday!