UDOIT Version 2.3.1

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This release is mainly bug fixes for the migration scripts from 2.3.0.  Big thanks go to Santa Rosa Junior College for discovering and fixing most of these.

Existing Installations

If you previously installed version 2.3.0, you will need to perform the following actions manually:

  • In the reports table, add a report_json field of type MEDIUMTEXT if it does not already exist. If it already exists, change the type to MEDIUMTEXT
  • In the job_queue table, make sure the results field is of type MEDIUMTEXT

If you are upgrading from an existing installation (including 2.3.0), follow these instructions:

  • Test in a development or QA environment, not on production.
  • Update your localConfig.php file to include new fields from localConfig.template.php
  • Back up your database and run
    php composer.phar migrate


  • Fixed bug where $oauth2_id was sent in place of $oauth2_uri during the setupOauth call.
  • Fixed bug where null or empty scan_results were not handled properly.
  • Fixed bug where empty canvas_url fields in the user table were never updated with the proper value.
  • Fixed bug where null values in table row child nodes were not handled properly.
  • Fixed bug with migration scripts where the report_json column was never added to self-hosted instances.
  • Added status messages to migration scripts to help with debugging in the future.
  • Added mobile verbiage to the unscannable suggestion in localConfig.

For more information, and to download the latest release, visit the v2.3.1 Release Notes.