UDOIT Version 2.3.2

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This release removes support for PHP 5.4 and 5.5, fixes some bugs, and adds some convenience features.

Highlighted Changes

  • Supported PHP versions:  5.6, 7.0, 7.1
  • Added a configurable maximum size for files before they are marked as "unscannable".  This is mainly to prevent server and database issues, but also promotes best practices for students on mobile devices or slow internet connections.  Default value is ~50MB
  • Added a configurable value for the maximum allowed length of ALT text.  Default value is 125 characters. (Thanks szw151@psu.edu‌ for suggesting it!)
  • Added detection of captions in Vimeo videos.
  • Added detection of Dailymotion videos.  It will create a suggestion for every video found regardless of the presence of captions.
  • Added a Report Summary that contains totals for each type of error and suggestion.
  • Added "download" and "view in folder" buttons for each unscannable file.
  • Updated outdated links to accessibility resources.
  • Clarified phrasing for closed caption errors.

For more information, and to download the latest release, visit the v2.3.2 Release Notes.

If you previously installed v2.3.0, please follow the "Existing Installations" instructions in the v2.3.1 Blog Post.

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Thanks for the update. We use this tool a lot and always welcome updates. 


Hi tr_jbates‌...

I have been working with mmutz1@morainepark.edu‌ at our school to upgrade to 2.3.2, and we seem to be running into some issues.  Sometimes I get the "UDOIT failed to scan this course" message even if the course is under 50MB in size.  Sometimes, the course scans just fine.  I've scanned small courses (under the 50MB size) that take a lot longer to scan that they did before this update.  One example is where it now says the "Files" area took 329.07 seconds (almost 5 1/2 minutes) to scan just that area of the course...where other parts of the same course only took a few seconds.  I also ran UDOIT over the lunch hour on a rather large course we have (well over 300MB).  It finished the scan while I was away, but I noticed that the "Files" section took 2266.42 seconds (over 37 minutes) to scan just that part of the course.  I had scanned this course once before back in April, and I recall that the scan completed entirely in just a couple minutes.  Any thoughts on how we can remedy this?  We have a local installation (not using Heroku).

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We added some new items to scan for, so it's possible there are some optimization issues with them.  I'm out of the office until Monday, but I'll do some poking around when I get back and see if I can figure out what's slowing things down.

On a related note, would you (or any other institutions reading this) be interested in beta testing releases before they go out?  I realized we could have discovered this issue earlier if we had a beta testing program in place.



On a related note, would you (or any other institutions reading this) be interested in beta testing releases before they go out?  I realized we could have discovered this issue earlier if we had a beta testing program in place.

In talking with mmutz1@morainepark.edu a bit, we would want to have a discussion here at our school first with a couple other people in our IT area.  Also, if we were to participate in beta testing, how would that be handled?  Would we test out new releases in our own Canvas "beta" or "test" environment prior to installing updates to our "production" environment?

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Beta testing wouldn't be much different from what you're doing right now.  It would just involve installing the beta version of UDOIT onto your test server.  Then, you could decide to test it out on whatever instance of Canvas you like.  Personally, I test in our production instance, but in a clone of a real course to avoid messing anything up for real.

Maybe instead of a formal Beta testing program, I could do pre-release versions and give people a few weeks to try them out and give feedback so that we can make fixes before the actual release.

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For instance, I have a version that might fix the long scanning times with Files.  If you have the opportunity, could you try out this version of the code to see if it alleviates the problem?  GitHub - ucfopen/UDOIT at dev/2-3-3  

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