UDOIT Version 2.3.4 and InstructureCon 2018

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Wait?  What happened to 2.3.3?  Well, I released 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 on the same day, so I figured I'd cut down on the clutter and do one post.  This one contains a fix for a pretty major bug in 2.3.2, so it's definitely worth upgrading.  As with every release, please test this out on your own test server before deploying it to your production server.

I also wanted to mention that I'll be at InstructureCon/Carn next week!  I'll be presenting with mtuten@clemson.edu‌ and karen.tinsley-kim@ucf.edu‌.  Check out Michelle's blog post for more information.  If you want to catch up with me and/or get a sticker, just look for the guy with a sign on his backpack that says "Ask me about UDOIT".  I'll also be attending Hack Night again this year, so feel free to come by and talk shop.

Anyway, on to the UDOIT update:

Highlighted Changes

  • Fixed major performance bug that caused even small courses to time out.
  • Added documentation for Vimeo API keys and Google Analytics tracking codes to  README.md and  HEROKU.md
  • Added support for PHP 7.2 and cleaned up documentation to remove references to 5.3 and 5.4

See the release notes for UDOIT Version 2.3.4 for download links.

About the Author
I'm the Team Lead of the Techrangers, which is a group of part-time students that specialize in course development and software engineering. I'm also the project manager of the UDOIT tool, which is an open source LTI that scans courses for accessibility issues. Check it out at https://cdl.ucf.edu/udoit