UDOIT Version 2.4.0 "Christmas"

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We are working on some larger features for the 2.5.0 release, but we wanted to get these out to you before the start of the new year.  Many of these features and bug fixes are a direct result of the conversations we've been having with people on the Canvas Community and the UCF Open Source Slack.

(Yes, Christmas is a real town in Central Florida.)

Important Note:  If you are upgrading from an existing installation, there are some specific instructions you need to follow.  Refer to the full release notes.

Bugs Fixed

  • Bold text with color emphasis is no longer flagged as an error.

  • UFIXIT for links now lets you include a portion of the URL as your link text (e.g.: "Wikipedia" is perfectly good link text for "https://wikipedia.org").

  • Videos playing within "View the source of this issue" now stop playing when you click "Close issue source".

  • Improved detection of YouTube and Vimeo videos to avoid erroneous results.

  • Docker files no longer mount as directories.

Features added

  • Updated the description for missing captions on Media Comments to make it more helpful.
  • Added Endpoint that returns the health status of the application in JSON for use in status dashboards.
  • Added UI for marking videos that are unlisted, private, or deleted as requiring manual verification for captions.
  • Added check for valid YouTube and Vimeo API keys, marking all videos for manual verification if a valid API key is not found for that service. A log entry is also made whenever an invalid key is found.

Read the full release notes for more information and installation/upgrade instructions.

The UDOIT team wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday!