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Community Coach

Problem: When in Admin Analytics and using the Filter button, the Select All option is not immediately available to select all items within the dropdown lists for Sub-Account, Term, Courses, and Teacher.

Solution: Please make Select All available immediately without having to type in text in the Search boxes.

Use Case: Recently, I wanted to use Admin Analytics to get some data about all courses in our Canvas account.  We have about 50 sub-accounts in our Canvas environment.  I went to Admin Analytics, clicked on the Filter button, and then clicked on the dropdown menu for Sub-Account.  The Select All link at the bottom of the dropdown list was not available to click on.  After contacting the Canvas Help Desk staff, I learned that an admin needs to first enter at least one letter into the Search Sub-Accounts text box in order for the Select All link to become active.  This is counter-intuitive, and it causes many more mouse clicks than are absolutely necessary.  For example, we have a sub-account called "ENGLISH".  However, when I typed the letter "a" into the Search Sub-Accounts text box, I was only able to select 42 of the 50 sub-accounts (using the Select All link).  "ENGLISH" does not contain the letter "a", so it would not show up in those results.  I then needed to remove the "a" from the text box and come up with a different letter that, hopefully, would cover some or all of the remaining eight sub-account names that did not have the letter "a" of which was the "ENGLISH" sub-account.  I could choose the letter "e" to type in the Search Sub-Accounts text box, but that might not cover the remaining eight sub-account names to select.  It might only cover three or four of them, for example.  I would then have to again pick another letter, and maybe even another letter...or I could scroll through the entire list to try and find the remaining ones that had not been selected.

The Canvas technician that helped me pointed to the Guide How do I use Admin Analytics?.  I do now see the area within this Guide that discusses the process I've outlined above.  However, I feel that making the Select All link immediately active instead of having to first type in a random letter is a much better option for those of us who want to select all items in the list.

*NOTE 1: This happens in the Term, Courses, and Teacher dropdown menus on this screen, too.

*NOTE 2: I would be willing to submit this as an idea here in the Ideas and Themes space of the Canvas Community if you would like me to do that as well.  Just let me know.


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