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The assignment enhancements are awesome for students, but it is causing a problem for instructors. With the assignment enhancements enabled the instructor has to switch to the prior submission to see comments that were made on a student's work. With the assignment enhancements disabled the instructor was able to see all comments when looking at any submission. This should be an option for instructors to see prior submission comments or not when viewing most recent submission.

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Hi @elisat - I think some of us who are migrating across to Enhancements are having issues with comment association. I believe it's ok if the comments were left when Assignment Enhancements was already enabled - but those left under (classic?) conditions are not associated with the right attempt when Enhancements are then enabled. This is what we've been told by Canvas Support:

Whether submission comments are associated with the first attempt or most recent attempt when Assignment Enhancements is enabled depends on where the submission comment was made:

  • if the submission comment was made in the Gradebook, then it will be associated to the most recent attempt,
  • if the comment was made anywhere else (Submission Details page, SpeedGrader, Inbox) then it will be associated with the first attempt.

We find this rather unhelpful at the moment, as pretty much all comments are left in SpeedGrader, rather than the comments text field in the Gradebook - so they are just being associated with the first attempt, rather than the correct / most recent attempt.

I appreciate this is slightly different to your original post, I think we're just signalling that there are a couple of things that could do with resolving if Instructure are looking at the code / behaviour around comment association in Assignment Enhancements.

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