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Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2023-12-11)

Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2023-12-11)

In this Canvas Badges/Credentials release (11 December), issuers and admin can archive badges.


New Features

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Archiving Badges

Beta Environment Availability

Not available in the beta environment

Production Environment Availability


Location to Enable Feature


Name of LTI Tool




Related APIs


Affects User Interface


Affected User Roles and Areas

Admin, Instructors, Badges

Related Ideas

[Credentials/Badges] Allow for Archiving of Badges


Issuers and administrators can archive badges.

Note: Archiving a badge removes it from active circulation while retaining its associated metadata for future reference and all the related assertions awarded to learners prior..

Change Benefit

This feature streamlines badge management, improves performance, and enhances the user experience.

Feature Workflow


Show Archived Badges FilterShow Archived Badges Filter

 In Badges, click the Show Archived checkbox to filter archived badges,


Badge Details OptionsBadge Details Options

To archive a badge, click the Options icon [1] then click the Archive link [2].


Archive Badge ModalArchive Badge Modal

Issuers can add an optional note explaining the reason for archiving the badge and then click the Archive button.


Archived Badge Details PageArchived Badge Details Page

When a badge is archived, the image is updated [1], an archived pill displays [2], and an Archival details tab is available [3]. To reactivate a badge, click the Reactivate badge button [4].


Reactivate Badge Confirmation MessageReactivate Badge Confirmation Message

To confirm reactivation of the badge, click the Yes button.


Credentials Badge Currently in Use ModalCredentials Badge Currently in Use Modal

In Credentials, if a badge is associated with a pathway, the badge must be removed from the pathway before archiving the badge.





Release Notes Change Log

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2023-12-11 Published Release Notes
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