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Using Zoom with Canvas FAQ

Community Team
Community Team
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You can start and join Zoom meetings in Canvas.



  • You must have accounts for both Canvas and Zoom.
  • For more information about using Zoom in Canvas, visit the Zoom in Canvas document.
  • For help with Zoom, visit the Zoom Help Center.


Using Zoom with Canvas


How do I add Zoom to a Canvas course?

You must add the Zoom integration to each Canvas course you want to use with Zoom.

Note: Contact your Canvas administrator if you have questions about adding Zoom to your course.


  1. Log into your Zoom account.
  2. In the same browser, log into your Canvas account.
  3. In Canvas, open the course where you want to add Zoom.
  4. In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.
  5. Click the Navigation tab.
  6. In the list of course navigation menu options, select the Zoom option.
  7. Click the Options icon and select the Enable option.
  8. Click the Save button. View the Zoom link in Course Navigation. Note: When accessing Zoom for the first time in the course navigation, you may need to click the Authorize button to proceed.



How do I schedule a Zoom video meeting?

You can schedule meetings from the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, Zoom web portal, or Zoom plugins for Chrome, Outlook, and Firefox.


Once Zoom is added to a Canvas course, you can access Zoom from Course Navigation. 

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Zoom link. 
  2. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button. To learn more about scheduling meetings, visit the Scheduling Meetings guide in the Zoom Help Center.
  3. To schedule a recurring meeting, click the Recurring Meeting checkbox. You can set how often the meeting recurs, the number of meeting occurrences, and the date for the final occurrence. Note: When scheduling a recurring meeting, each occurrence is created as an independent event. To modify all recurring meetings, you must edit each meeting individually.



How do I invite others to join a meeting?

You can invite others to Zoom meetings via email, contacts, URL, a web portal invitation, or application invitation. In the Zoom Help Center, learn more about inviting others to join a meeting.


How do I start a meeting?

As the meeting host, depending on how you create your meeting, you can start the meeting from the Zoom desktop client, Zoom mobile app, web browser, or room system.


Once Zoom is added to a Canvas course, you can access Zoom from Course Navigation. 

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Zoom link.
  2. Click the Upcoming Meetings button.
  3. Locate the Meeting ID you want to begin and click the Start button.


How do I record a meeting?

You may be able to record your Zoom meetings. In the Zoom Help Center, learn more about cloud recordings and frequently asked questions about local and cloud recording.


Meeting recordings can be downloaded to a computer or streamed from a browser.


Note: Cloud recording is automatically enabled for paid subscriptions.



How do I know if students have joined the meeting?

As the host, the number of participants displays in the number icon on the Manage Participants button. You can also manage participants in a meeting.


How do I mute and unmute all participants?

As the host, you can manage participants, including muting or unmuting all participants. In the Zoom Help Center, learn more about audio controls

  1. Click the Manage Participants icon.
  2. Click the Mute All or Unmute All button.
  3. To mute all current and new participants, click the Continue button. To allow participants to unmute themselves, click the Allow participants to unmute themselves checkbox.


How do I turn my camera on and off and use the Zoom controls?

Hosts have access to these features:

  • Join Audio: Open the options to join the audio portion of the meeting.
  • Invite: Invite by copying the invitation, the join link, or by phone or room system (if available for your account).
  • Manage: View the participants list and manage participants.
  • Record: Start a cloud recording.
  • Leave Meeting: Leave the meeting. If you leave the meeting without designating another host, the meeting will end.

Learn more about meeting controls in the Zoom web client.


Participants have access to these features:

  • Mute / Unmute: Mute and unmute your microphone.
  • Start Video / Stop Video: Turns your camera on or off.
  • Invite: Invite others to join your meeting. Learn more.
  • Participants: See who's currently in the meeting.
  • Chat: Access the chat window to chat with the participants. 
  • Leave Meeting: Leave the meeting while it continues for the other participants. Only the host can end the meeting.


How do I share my screen?

Zoom allows for screen sharing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices running Zoom.


The host and attendee can screen share by clicking the Share Screen icon.


How do I manage and share the recording?

Local Recording saves your recording files on your computer. It is not possible to upload a local recording to the Zoom cloud. To store a video on Zoom's cloud, you must use cloud recording.


However, you can share your local recording with others by uploading it to third-party cloud storage, content/learning management, or video streaming services such as Google Drive, YouTube, or Vimeo.


Zoom Storage

Is there a limit for storage?

Cloud Recording Storage Capacity is limited. 


Where can I access my recordings?

In Zoom, to view your recordings, click the Cloud Recordings tab.


Will I have access to my recordings forever?

You will have access to your cloud recordings as long as you have a Zoom subscription. To save your Zoom meeting recordings, download them to your computer.

Community Member

Does this require a PAID Zoom Pro account? or can users with the free basic account use Zoom within Canvas?

Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @tamara_copeland 

You can use the free, basic Zoom account within Canvas. Here is another document that explains how to use Zoom in Canvas.

Best wishes,



Thank you for this great article. I do not see the Zoom feature available, nor in the list of apps. I have a professional Zoom account though. Is this available for Canvas Free for Teachers courses ?

Explorer III

has anyone encountered an issue with multiple notifications being sent out with zoom meetings?


I have a Zoom recording that my students cannot see the link to in Canvas. I have a Zoom link at the bottom of the naivation menu in Canvas, but when my students click on the Zoom link on the class Canvas page the cloud recording is not visible to them. I checked and publish is toggled on. 


I created a recurring Zoom meeting in the Zoom app before creating my Canvas course and have already shared the meeting ID and link with the students.  I'd like to pull it over into the Zoom button in the Course Navigation, but it's not showing up.  Is there a way to do that?




Can I share a video with my students during a zoom session by sharing my screen?

Surveyor II

How do I pre-load my breakout rooms with a CSV. I want my breakout rooms to be the same as my Canvas student groups, so I created a CSV file as Zoom suggests, but I don't see a way to pre-load this file into Zoom, so the students will automatically be placed together in breakout rooms. I have a class with 25 students and doing this manually each time seems cumbersome.




In the choices for my Zoom meeting through Canvas, I did not select automatically record the meeting. But today in my first class, not only did the meeting record, but it was stored in the cloud and that link was sent to every student registered for the course!~

How do I eliminate these choices?

Learner II

Does anyone know if the meeting reports in Canvas delete after a certain amount of time? 


How do you delete a recording saved on the cloud? I show several things saved from the same class session, and I want to remove a file that was a few minutes long showing me futzing with Zoom. 🙂


How do I program Zoom to take attendance?


I am having the same issue as @rmusselman.  I have a class in Zoom that I am recording in Canvas and once the video is processed, its sends the file/link by Canvas Inbox to all of my students in that class.  I want to turn that option off so it doesn't cram up my students' and my inbox/outbox.  Does anyone know how to turn that off?


@rarmijo It is a bit of a work around for me, but I disabled the record to the cloud and if I want to record I manually record it to my computer and then upload it to Google Drive to be shared.  Then I delete it from my computer

On the zoom dashboard ( you can click on Recordings and see all of the recordings either in the cloud or local.


It keeps informing me that an email has been sent to my account, but no email is there.  I have checked all folders including Spam


Is there a way to turn off the automatic messaging to student/parents that the zoom cloud recording is available? I can see a way to not password protect the recording, so that I don't get emails requesting the password, but not to stop the email.


Do educators still get unlimited time use in zoom?  If so, my screen indicates I only have 40 minutes.  Explain please and thank you.


Zoom offers the free Basic version to everyone.  That version limits meetings to 40 minutes when more than 2 attendees join, and only offers local recording.  Your institution may purchase licenses and apply them to the appropriate accounts, which will open up full access.

For our institution a pool of 300 licenses was purchased, then the academic team sent a list to the IT team of all faculty, staff and students that needed a license applied. 

Notes:  For general use the Basic version works fine for 1 on 1 or short meetings that do not need recorded or if the user is good with saving the recordings locally.  We have found the scenario where a licensed user creates a session and wants someone to Co-Host the session.  In this case the Co-Host must also be a licensed account.


I have students not able to access my recordings but I can see them in the student view.  It says "access denied by instructor".  The have the code but simply cannot access the recording.  Thoughts?


How can I edit part of a ZOOM recording? I left the recording going and want to edit that portion.


One way, in the Zoom web interface for recordings, click to play the recording, and at the bottom right, you can trim and set the recording playback. See the scissors at the bottom right.




Hi everyone, how do I delete a Zoom session which I initially set up as recurring meeting? I don t seem to find a button for that. Background: the dates have changed so I want to delete the recurring sessions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

All the best,



Hi Everyone, is there a way to move zoom recordings from from Zoom's cloud into Canvas Studio automaticly? you can do it from zoom into echo360, but i can't find a way for Canvas Studio.


How do I schedule recurring class meetings for a class that meets on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings, 8:00 - 9:15 am?

Explorer III

This is what I've discovered on the Zoom website:



Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 12.32.20 PM.png


This was thorough and helpful. Thanks.


Hola! Cómo se configura para que en el calendario no me figuren todas las reuniones creadas de otros zoom?

En el calendario de un zoom en específico me figuran todas las reuniones de los otros zoom vinculados.

Learner II

Thanks for this course because it can helpings to prepare good standard


I created a recurring Zoom meeting in the Zoom app before creating my Canvas course and have already shared the meeting ID and link with the students.  I'd like to pull it over into the Zoom button in the Course Navigation, but it's not showing up.  Is there a way to do that?



Surveyor II

If one instructor sets up the LTI in a course and begins scheduling meetings in Canvas, but then the instructor gets changed, how do you manage switching the account that the LTI is linked to?

Learner II

Thank you for helping the to increase the skills and knowledge in the life it can help to prepare the good life