Add courses to subaccount via SIS Import

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I have courses file with the following header:


Then the data included:

COURSE1,Course 1,Course 1,active,104

104 is the number for the subaccount when I hover over the URL. When I try to upload the file, I get this error:

attachment_22271020230221-833871-19ozb4s.csv - Account not found "104" for course COURSE1

Is there some other number I should be using?

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It sounds like you are using the Canvas Sub-account ID since you are getting it from the URL.  For the SIS Import, it is my understanding that you would need to use the SIS ID for the sub-account on the SIS Import file.  If you go to the sub-account and then go to the settings for it, you should see the SIS ID.  If one isn't already set, you would need to set it so you can use it in the SIS Import.

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