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Allowing Course Logos

This article / post says that institutions must allow teachers to set course logos:

However, I can't seem to find an article that describes how site admin can allow that setting.

I found a similar setting for user avatars on the institution > settings page. However, I can't find the same setting for courses.

Can someone please advice on this?


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Hi! It looks like that used to be a feature option you could turn off or on, but it's now enabled for all institutions. These release notes mention the change happened in January 2020:

Feature Option Enforcement: January 18

On January 18, 2020, the following feature options will be enabled for all institutions:

  • Anonymous Grading (Course)
  • Enable Dashboard Images for Courses (Course)
  • MasteryPaths (Course)
  • Rubric Criterion Range (Account)
  • Student Context Card (Account)


Thanks for your response.  However, this does not help me. 😥

I just installed the CanvasLMS most recent stable version a month ago and I'm looking on the Course settings page, but I do not have the option to upload an image as described in the link in the original post.

So, can you describe:

1) Which version the change took place in.

2) If I'm running the version before the change took place, where would I set that feature option?


I think I must be running a version after Jan 2020 because as I mentioned above I just installed it.

I have attached images my course settings page.

top of course settingstop of course settingsbottom of course settingsbottom of course settings

Interesting ... I don't know how to find the Canvas version number -- but if you go to the Feature Options tab on the far right in your screenshot, do you see Enable Dashboard Images for Courses (Course)? If not, I'm out of ideas 🙁 but maybe someone else can help