Allowing Teachers to add Students/Student-Based Roles

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We recently disabled the permission to “add/remove student users” within a course for those that hold a Teacher role within Canvas. Although we have our Canvas enrollments sync with our SIS, some faculty would still take it upon themselves to add/invite students into their course which caused a few enrollment discrepancies, leading us to quickly decide to disable that permission. However, disabling this permission caused any student-based role to also not be available to our faculty. At our college we have an array of roles that were based on the student role for specific purposes that only that role would accomplish. For example, our faculty are given a local username/password to invite themselves as a “student” because Canvas’ “Student View” does not allow access to LTI/external tool integrations within a course. Additionally, we have faculty evaluators that need to see/access a course as enrolled students do, per our faculty contract.

So, I hope I haven’t lost you! I wanted to make sure you all had context to why I am reaching out. Here are my questions:

  • Do you allow “Teachers” to add/remove student users? Why/why not?
  • How are evaluators/reviewers added to online courses?
  • Do you allow for local users within your system (someone not connected to your SIS)?
  • How do faculty access/test out integrations as students without using a student-based role within Canvas?
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