Blueprint courses-- Ability for Teacher Control?

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As a district Canvas admin, is there any way for me to give teachers the ability to make a course a blueprint course from one of the manually created courses that they are already able to generate? I went in my admin settings> permissions> account roles> and then enabled "Blueprint courses- add/ edit/associate/delete" for the teacher role.  (I know this still has the red X, but I disabled it again since my test obviously failed. More on that to come...)


So when I went back to test this newly enabled teacher permission, I impersonated one of my teachers. I had them create a new course. Then when I went into that course's settings, the blueprint functionality that the Canvas admin sees, was not there. This was the what it looked like for the teacher. It simply said no-- it wasn't a blueprint course even though I had previously enabled the permission as stated above in this post. 


I understand based on a previous press release that blueprint courses were originally supposed to be for admins and course designers only. There was no mention of teachers in the release. So my question is two-fold.

  • Can teachers make manually created Canvas courses (without enrolled students of course) into blueprint courses?
  • Is there a reason why they should not have control over this blueprint functionality? 

I really like my teachers to have the least restrictive Canvas creation environment, and granting them this seems to be a no brainer. Am I missing something? I plan on also entering this as a ticket to my CSM, but I thought I would reach out here as well. If I hear something good, I will share it with the group. TIA.