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Can SIS drop students from a custom section in a course?

We have a working SIS integration with Peoplesoft and canvas. Unfortunately our online classes require us to create custom sections within those created via the integration. When a students drops the main class, they retain access to the because they are still enrolled in a custom section that's technically crosslisted to the main one. Of course this is causing serious strife in our university because it's a violation of federal regulations, etc, and so forth.

It's a real pain because our university contracts with a business that provides academic coaches to these online classes and they REQUIRE that their coaches have access to only their students in the gradebook. Sections work great to achieve this because they allow one to filter the gradebook by sections. But of course it has lead to a lot of extra work using CSV files to create and enroll students in these sections, then manually dropping students weekly that have dropped online courses.

Anyone else out there have experience with this?

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Yep. Our online team has in the past created custom sections as well. We

made it a procedure that they are responsible for managing the adds and

drops. That said, it is a highly inefficient and error-prone situation.

The solution, we believe, is to work with the Registrar's office on

providing a path for the sections to be created and managed through

PeopleSoft so that the adds and drops behave appropriately.


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I know this is more than a year later, but are you using the command to delete the enrollment?

I'm thinking that deactivating the enrollment might make the course, and all sections in it, invisible to the student. Delete removes the enrollment from one context within the larger course, leaving the active enrollment in the manual section untouched. The inactive flag should impact the user presence in the larger course, regardless of sections and section IDs.

I think. 

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As far as I can tell you are correct, that setting the student to inactive means that they cannot access the course despite being in section(s) of the course. The student's gradebook entries remain, but the student cannot access them.

See the documentation for POST /api/v1/courses/:course_id/enrollments

"enrollment[enrollment_state] string If set to 'active,' student will be immediately enrolled in the course. Otherwise they will be required to accept a course invitation. Default is 'invited.'.
If set to 'inactive', student will be listed in the course roster for teachers, but will not be able to participate in the course until their enrollment is activated.
Allowed values: active, invited, inactive"