Canvas Authentication Logs - How to see current login activity?

Community Participant

We have been transitioning from our Blackboard Managed Hosting system (ending June 2018) over to Canvas.  As a Blackboard System Administrator I could go into the Authentication Logs and view the current login activity to see if users are successfully logging in or if there are failed login attempts indicating we are having an issue and can see what time the failures started and finally when they are fixed.  I am not finding anything similar for Canvas which is very disappointing.  There is Admin Tools, Logging, Login / Logout Activity, but that is only good for an individual user because if I leave it blank then it just runs forever and nothing shows.

I tried calling our Instructure Canvas Admin Support Telephone and they were not able to tell us either why we had some authentication issues this morning.  This is not good as I am unable to provide our Distance Education departments or end users any information as to what may have caused our authentication issues or at what times they occurred.

Our primary authentication is using Shibboleth/SAML and there is a SAML Debugging that can be turned on but that did not appear to be helpful.

Also, as a Blackboard Managed Hosting customer, we were also able to have them setup a specific user account used for monitoring and checking for successful logins and if it starts to fail then send me email notifications.  This is nice to be notified BEFORE we start getting upset end users in case we can start to address sooner rather than later.  Does Canvas have any way to set up some sort of authentication notifications?

Michael D. Ward

Applications Specialist III / Blackboard System Administrator / Canvas System Administrator

Rancho Santiago Community College District