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Is there a way to "copy" a custom role and its permissions from one sub-account to another?  I am creating a Guidance Counselors role with permissions allowing them to search courses and users across their account, but not change any course content.  I could do this in each sub-account, but with 20 schools, that would be pretty time consuming... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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We have a role that has some similar characteristics that we use for distributed support staff (people who work in colleges and departments, providing LMS support).  We give support people a separate account for doing support work (to keep the permissions / access separate from the account they would use as students and teachers)

The Affiliate role is an account role rather than a course role.  It exists at the top level.  We create the new support account and then add it to the specific sub-accounts, using the Affiliate role.  When logged in with that account, the user can see / search all the courses in their sub-account.  When they do a user search, they only find people who are enrolled in courses in their sub-account.

Would that work?

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