Course calendar import

Community Participant

We have a number of calendars in our SIS and I want to bring them across to canvas courses. I can get to the data in the SIS tables. It looks like this:


1791Benedict DayCommunity1/07/2016 0:001/07/2016 0:00All Students
1953Emerald BallCommunity12/03/2016 0:0012/03/2016 0:00All Students
1860College AssemblyAssembly9/09/2016 0:009/09/2016 0:00All Students

I have over 900 events across several calendars. I want to move the College cals out of the SIS and into canvas courses. Can I bulk import events into a Canvas course calendar from a CSV file such as the one above? A one-off import - we will cease to use the SIS cals and then use the iCal feeds from canvas.