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Creating SubAccounts

I'm using C#. I have successfully created subAccounts for AccountAdmins and then a group we are using in Park University for Math. The AccountAdmins continues to work, but the Math subAccount is now having an issue.

  • I created the subAccounts and everything worked fine last week
  • Some changes were made to account permissions on our Canvas admins over the end of last week and the weekend
    • The accounts are created by reading from a list of IDs on our side and POSTing the subAccounts in Canvas on a daily basis, based upon this dynamic list of IDs
  • Nothing worked this morning...but I used CURL to create a subAccount for my ID and now the program is working - I am now able to POST subAccounts (magically)

This is too much voodoo. If someone has seen a general problem out there in the last week, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm concerned some changes occurred on the Canvas side, which are hidden. Any ideas?

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Our subaccounts are created by our SIS data sent over via an automated "snapshot" process that our IT Dept. set up to link Canvas with Datatel colleague/ellucian.

If we admins try to delete or change any of those subaccounts, or move courses in/out of those subaccounts, it just gets undone the next time there's an update.

So, we can only create subaccounts for sandbox courses.

Not sure if that helps... as an admin I am not also a developer so I can't speak to the code, etc.

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Thanks Gabrielle. What I found was that the program was not giving the system enough time to acknowledge the change. To explain, when the DELETE command was used to remove a subaccount, there was an immediate POST to create the new subaccount in its place, which apparently did not allow enough time for replication of the removal prior to the posting of the new subaccount.

I think our issue must be replication timing, since our process was moving very quickly to both remove and restore the same person's subaccount. This was fixed by only removing what was not going to be restored and only posting what didn't exist before per that specific user. So, in essence, we needed to tighten our data processing to be more discerning as to whether the removal / post process was redundant or was instead really needed. So far, it appears the removal process and the posting process can be completely separate processes per Canvas ID, which prevents the problem I was having.

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 @rob_callicotte ,

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