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Data Intervention

I'm not certain even how to explain the system I am wanting or if it even exists. Is there a way within Canvas or with any addons where I can take the data generated by missing assignments, attendance (New Analytics), and even assignment scores to generate a three tiered identification system: Green, Yellow, and Red. I am hoping to streamline a way for our school to identify students who are not engaging or who are struggling. 

Any ideas or guidance are greatly appreciated. 

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Hi @burnsedc ...

Do you know if your school has investigated Dropout Detective from AspirEDU?

Our Solutions | AspirEDU

@Chris_Munzo might be able to provide some more details for you with some of the details of this product.

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I don't believe think we have, so this is very helpful!! Thank you!! 


I'm including the link to our Partner page here on the Community but feel free to message me directly!



Hi Chris,
I tried to message you, but it says you have your PMs turned off where I can't message. If there's another way to contact you let me know. Very interested in having more conversations about dropout detector. Thank you.

Sorry about that!  My email address is chris@aspiredu.com.