Did anyone get an email from Zoom "Action required for Zoom Studio Cloud Recordings"

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I am the LMS Administrator. We have it set up so that an instructor can go to Canvas Studio / Settings / Conferences and have Zoom pipe recordings directly to Canvas Studio. I did this using the directions here:


This morning I got email from Zoom App Marketplace <noreply-marketplace@zoom.us> subject line “Action required for Zoom Studio Cloud Recordings”. It said,


Hi Carl Thelen,
Your webhook endpoint is not responsive, please review this email for details.
Zoom Studio Cloud Recordings
Cloud Recordings
Notification URL https://stmarys-ca.instructuremedia.com/api/conference/zoom_notification/recording_completed

Your webhook endpoint failed to respond to our validation request
If your webhook endpoint fails to respond to our validation requests 2 more times, we will stop sending webhooks to your webhook endpoint until you fix the issue.

  • What to do next?
    Review your app logs
    Find the code or systems that cause the issues based on the documented webhook parameters
    Revalidate endpoint URLs and submit your app for update request review


And some other stuff. Did anyone else get this email from Zoom? Were you able to make heads or tails of it? I was on chat with Zoom support for two hours, who finally suggested I email developer@soom.us. When I emailed it, I got a bounceback saying they weren't using it any more and go to the help site. Which is not very helpful. 

So I thought I'd ask here.

Before I go back to tangling with the help site.

Is this familiar to anyone? Does anyone else allow Zoom recordings to go directly to a professor's Studio?


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