Manual Enrollment Without Notifications

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Hello, all. This is a common enough issue that I'm sure others have dealt with.

Our enrollments are primarily handled through SIS integration or manual .csv uploads, but from time to time we need to enroll a single instructor in a course.

It would be far, far simpler to be able to do this through the UI in such cases—but when I enroll a user this way, there is an automatic notification generated, and the notification information is confusing/incorrect due to the way our SSO is configured (specifically, the username provided in the message is not the username we'd choose to give people.)

My questions are:

  • Is there any way to disable this notification?
  • Is there any way to modify this notification?
  • How do you handle this kind of issue at your institution?
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Hi Alexander,

I am not aware of a way currently to disable the enrollment email that gets sent from Canvas upon enrolling someone manually and to be honest haven't really put too much thought about it going out when enrolling someone into a course manually.  As these are typically one off situations and are request done by that individual so to me them getting the email is a easy way to see that their request has been completed. 

But definitely see the value and merit in having an option to not send out the enrollment email when you're manually enrolling a user into a course. 

I'm sure you were hoping that there was an easy button to make this happen, but unfortunately at this time that just isn't the case from what I know of within the Canvas interface. 

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Here is an alternative way without using API. First, enroll the user as an observer which will not trigger the notification, and then update the role, done.

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