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Force Password Change

I'm setting up all users (students) with a generic password through our SIS csv upload. I'd like to require them to change their password on the first login, but can't find an option for that. I know they can change their own password in settings, but can I force them to do this on first login? Most systems allow for this.

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I have this same question (except for observers) and hoping that there's an easy fix for this.

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Good afternoon I have the same question on this subject, it would be very important to have this functionality.

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Good afternoon!  I too would like to see this functionality!  It would be very beneficial! 


New Member

Yeah same question too.

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I absolutely agree. We created 1200 emails for students and getting them to log in to that was a true struggle. Then relying on that email in order for them to reset their password has been very difficult. I'd love to do a generic password first and then require a reset! I'm sort of new here, is there a place to request new features?

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I need this as well. We work with high school students from a variety of school and want them to change the password as soon as they login. Tried to find something in the Javascript but couldn't find anything there yet.