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Grading rubric

Hi. I am having an issue with the grading rubric and I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue? When I create the rubric and I click the range the program automatically calculates the numbers for me and will not let me adjust them. For example I want the range to be 10>9 excellent, 8>7 good, 6>5 needs improvement, 4>0 does not meet, however the program defaults to 10>9, 9>8, 8>7, 7>0. In other words it starts the next cell with the same number as the previous cell. This gives the student the wrong impression because of course they want the higher points. I contacted Canvas about this issue and they stated that the rubric cells are designed this way. Is any one else having the same issue?

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As an Instructor, I think it's much easier to just assigned fixed numbers and ranges to each box. Just make them 5 excellent, 4 good, 3 needs improvement, and so on. You will be able to grade faster, and your students won't be confused.