High number of random log outs on CAS

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Hi all,

Recently we have been getting a higher than normal amount of users getting logged out (getting kicked out of Canvas unexpectedly even when active), of Canvas at random intervals if they login from CAS. The maddening thing is that for some they never get logged out of Canvas and other's their session doesn't last more than 15 minutes before being logged out. I have confirmed that our CAS idle timeout is working which goes for 2 hours and the ticket lasts for 8 hours and then they have to log back in no matter what. The Canvas CAS setup does not terminate the session if the user logs out of another service using CAS so we have ruled that out as the culprit. We do have 2-factor auth with DUO for employees but this issue happens with students that are not employees as far as we know.

Direct Canvas logins are not affected either.

Are there any institutions who have go through similar issues or are going through these issues? What did you do to fix the issues or mitigate them? Any troubleshooting hints and or suggestions would be greatly welcomed.


Tyler Clair

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