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How can I work with the gradebook to have it retroactively apply group weights correctly?


I'm looking for some suggestions please.

Issue: Assignment group weights were not applied, in a class so the gradebook was not set up; grading has begun. I'm hoping to find a resolution that will allow for gradebook to apply the group weights and the correct grading scheme despite the fact that grading has begun.

Goal: Avoid manual grading by instructor. 

I hope this was clear.



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Hi jlugo1,

If I understand your question correctly...grades have already been submitted for the course.  You can still apply grade weighting to the Assignment Groups and it will weight all the assignments accordingly in the Gradebook.   We have also moved items from one assignment group to another.  No issues.

I have worked with instructors that decide they want use the grade weighting  feature halfway into the semester.  It worked in those cases.


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Thank you!