Integrating an LTI App For One School

Hello fellow Canvas Admins,

Our curriculum team purchased a school license for Flocabulary. This LTI Tool does have integration possibility with Canvas. She has provided to me the subscription key and secret key. I can't install this app across our organization because it is a single site license. I would like to install this app to a sub-account for that school. Is it possible to do that? I thought about seeing if the Sub-account admins had rights to do that for that sub-account and they do not, unless I am missing something in the permissions.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to make this happen for a single school? I thought about creating a demonstration video for teachers at this school to be able to install an app with the Keys they need, but I can't even find the app when I search Canvas or other LTI Tools. Flocabulary has a section on their website that show instructions about this integration.

Thank you for your help.


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It is absolutely possible to configure an LTI at the sub-account level. And any admin with the "LTI - add / edit / delete" permission should be able to configure it. Depending on your roles (especially if you have custom roles for sub-account admins), those folks may or may not have the permission.

Thank you Tracey. This is helpful. I noticed that that permission was not set for SubAccount roles. With that permission, they will now have the + App and Configure App options. If they configure that app as a SubAccount admin, that app will now be configured to any course in that SubAccount?

Thanks for your help.


Yes, if they only have that permission in the sub-account, they can only add apps in that sub-account. And when they configure the app at the sub-account level, it is available to any course in the sub-account.