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Issues with Zoom Cloud Recordings Appearing in Canvas Zoom Integration

I wanted to see if anyone in the Canvas Community is also experiencing problems with Cloud Recordings not appearing in the Zoom Integration under Cloud Recordings. This change in behavior started on October 21, 2020 at our institution where faculty reported receiving their email that the cloud recordings was available, went into their Canvas course, select Zoom from their course menu and then went to the Cloud Recordings tab. However, the Zoom meeting was not visible to the faculty member for them to Publish and share with their students.

The recordings do appear in the faculty's recording list at our institutions Zoom site We have a help request open with Zoom, but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this change in behavior with the integration.

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Community Coach

Hello @mdthomas ...

This is going to be mostly speculation on my part, but here are a couple things I've thought of...

  • In the Zoom integration within Canvas, you should see a link for "All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings" next to the blue "Schedule a New Meeting" button.  You'll then see a separate tab for "Cloud Recordings".  Are the recordings listed there?
  • Do you know if the Zoom meeting was initially scheduled via the Zoom interface inside of the Canvas course?  Or, was the Zoom meeting scheduled via Zoom's website?  That may make a difference.  If one were to schedule the Zoom session outside of Canvas via the Zoom website, Zoom wouldn't really know which course to associate it with in Canvas.  But, if you schedule a Zoom meeting in a Canvas course, it should only show up in that one course...not in other courses that the instructor may be teaching.  The same would be true for the "Cloud Recordings".  Those recordings should show up in the Canvas course if the Zoom meeting was scheduled via the Zoom interface in Canvas.

I hope this will help a bit.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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I just ran into this issue too! Just wondering whether you ever got a solution.

My meeting was scheduled within Canvas, and the only thing that seems to have changed on my end is that I joined the meeting from campus instead of from my usual home set up. But I'm having a hard time figuring out why that would have resulted in a difference as far as the Zoom/Canvas integration is concerned. When I go into my Zoom account, the meeting recording shows up and looks no different from those that are properly listed within the Canvas site.

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We are seeing this issue too. Anyone find a resolution or cause to the issue?


Same here.  Has anyone reached out to Zoom support?

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The recording showed up on Canvas for me about 24 hours later. I still don't know why there was the delay, even after the recording was in my Zoom account. It hasn't happened again since. Not sure if this helps at all, but just letting you know that sometimes it might just resolve on its own!

(And by the way, from your faculty Zoom account, you can click "share" and get a link to the recording, in case you need to give students access to it before it shows up in Canvas.)

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I have an instructor with a similar issue. She recorded using the auto-record to the cloud setting. There were a couple of times the students joined before and after class which caused several short recordings to appear. The full class recording does not show up in Canvas, only the false starts. I can see the recording on the website, but am unsure why it is not appearing in Canvas. Students access the recordings through Canvas, so we are concerned about the missing class recording.

As a workaround, I am going to recommend they either share the link to the recording on the Zoom website in an announcement, or download the recording, then upload it with Canvas Studio and embed it in the course, but this isn't a great solution. It has been around three days, so it doesn't seem like a delayed syncing issue in my case. 


@melissa_boogaar definitely worth placing a ticket with zoom support on this one.  Let us know what they say!

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I am currently having the same issue. Throughout the semester I have been watching my professors previous lecture through the cloud recording feature on canvas techzoom. Today nothing is showing up and it says that there are no recorded lectures. I contacted my professor and she said it is still showing up on her side. I am confused and do not know what to do. 


Hello @CesarHernandez ...

I'm not sure if this would apply at your school, but if I recall correctly ... there is a setting that the Canvas admins who set up the Zoom/Canvas integration can turn on or off that allows for "publishing" recordings.  Basically, it's a setting that lets the instructor release the recordings to all the other users (in this case, the students) in the course.  It's sort of like allowing the instructor being able to access the recordings before the students can.  Check out this page: Configuring LTI Pro - Welcome - LTI Pro.  The setting I am referring to is described in more detail under the heading "Cloud Recording Link for Students".  Again, I am not sure if your school has chosen to set this to "All" or "Published", so that would be a question you'd need to ask your school's local Canvas administrator(s) or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department.  They may be able to tell you the specifics on how Zoom recordings work within your Canvas environment.

Hope this helps a bit...good luck!