K12: SIS-PowerSchool assistance needed

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Hi Canvas Admins,

Our schools (K-12) are currently using PowerSchool as our SIS which consists of a total of ten instances (schools). Recently, the key person left without notice. As you can imagine that leaves us somewhat a messy load of tasks/duties that no one has formally trained to take over. I've contacted the PowerSchool rep. for the admin training but as you probably already know that they charge literally everything you ask unless you figure a way yourself or seek further assistance elsewhere. That may sound ridiculous but true!

Long story short, I need assistance from K-12 Canvas admins whose schools are using PowerSchool as their primary SIS to provide further assistance and guidance if possible. I know and understand this may be a long shot but I still want to give it a try, regardless. Fingers crossed that someone from here may be kind and generous enough to share their experience and knowledge with us. 

Appreciate your kind assistance in advance!


Jonathan Tan

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