LDAP Staff/Students and Canvas Observers

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We use LDAP for our staff and students, but have our parents/observers use thier own e-mail address and canvas authentication. It seems that we have to send the users to two different login pages

  • /login/ldap
  • login/canvas

This is confusing to our end users and clunky at best.

Is there a way to unify this? Or at least add a link to the /login/ldap page to take them to the observer login page?

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I've written some Javascript that you can upload into the theme editor that will solve your problem.

It will create a button below the login box on the LDAP or Canvas page with a link to the other. You just need to set the text in the button and image(logo). This also works for the mobile and desktop.

GitHub for JS: https://github.com/Srulis/Canvas/blob/master/LDAP%20and%20Canvas%20Login.js

How do I upload custom JavaScript and CSS files to an account or sub-account? 

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