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Last Enrollment Activity

Can anyone tell me what's included in "activity" for both students and teachers?


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This should include submissions, discussions, etc and viewing content in the course...

...and should be the same value seen in CanvasData.enrollment_dim 

last_activity_attimestampLast time the enrolled user viewed content or took action in the enrolled course
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The last enrollment activity doesn't include the Course.   How do you know which course the user was last active in?    

Also, how does this data differ from the Last User Access report?   Outside of some minor clicking before disappearing, the numbers are nearly identical.


The Last User Access report only looks at login, not course activity.

You are right that the Last Enrollment Activity report is not course specific but all enrollments.

The only place Last Activity is available for each course enrollment is in Canvas Data #enrollment_dim, or the API Enrollments - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

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Can anyone tell me if the Last Enrolment Activity report includes both Student and Teacher activity - or is purely Student activity? 

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I find the ? symbols slightly lacking in details. I'd like further detail about what is and isn't included.

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This was the first time I've run the report, but at a glance I see a bunch of names in all caps and thousands of names in Title Case, which tells me I'm seeing EMPLOYEES and Students. It likely includes all roles.

The report has the users Canvas ID, Sortable Name, and Last Activity timestamp, in that order...

The reports 'sample' table is confusing with the Name in the ID column, but maybe that's only if you consider the ID to be a unique identifier and the name to be a persons name that isn't unique, but I guess... :smileyconfused:

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