New issue with using Excel for CSV grades import?

Community Contributor

We've started having some real problems with importing Grades CSVs back into the Grades screen when they've been updated/saved using MS Excel (i.e. the file is not recognised).

It seems that by clicking save, the encoding of the CSV file changes from UTF-8 to ANSI. Having spent over an hour reading around this (and getting a headache), it's time to ask the admins!

  • Have you had any similar problems recently?
  • Is ANSI even your default encoding (as I understand this could be a regional Windows settings thing)?
  • Have you always advised teachers on the need to follow certain steps to ensure the encoding is retained (like saving tricks... or even rinsing files through Google Drive!)?
  • If ANSI is the Excel default... would that be a more accessible encoding for all???

Any advice or sharing of similar pains would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy