Reasons for Sub-Accounts

Community Novice

Hi everyone,

I am a new Canvas administrator for a higher ed community college where we have been integrating / migrating for the past year. We currently manage all our online and hybrid courses in our main account, which is where everything is kept. We also have two sub accounts, but they are for our course designer to use for training purposes and developing courses so we really don't take advantage of the sub-account options.

I recently returned from the InstructureCon 0017 conference and had overheard MANY other administrators talking about the numerous sub-accounts they have to maintain. I was unable to relate because we don't really use sub-accounts. But I got the impression that sub accounts may be a bit of work to maintain. I'm hoping that this will generate a discussion where other admins can discuss the reasons your institution decided to use, or not to use, sub-accounts. 

I'm looking for the benefits (positives) of and the downfalls (negatives) of multiple accounts. I'm hoping this will be a great place for those of you who are experienced in Canvas to brag and boast about what works (and perhaps especially, what didn't work) so that we can all benefit from the wisdom of the elders! I'm certain that newbies like me will learn a great deal and hopefully this will save us from future headaches, especially if we need to modify our structure later on.

I hope you will take a minute to express your experience.

Thanks in advance!