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Recording Participation/Attendance of Online Classes

I was hoping it was going to be possible to obtain participation/attendance reports for online classes based on if a student completed all the tasks that had been set for that specific lesson.

However, after speaking to support, this is not possible and I was advised to post it here so it could be considered as a future feature.

There is a Roll Call report but this requires someone to manually mark all the classes as they would a register when the data should already exist in the database assuming tasks were assigned and completed.

I was hoping for something similar to the following:


With the increase in Online Learning due to lockdown and self-isolation the organisation need to monitor participation at a strategic level to know which areas/depts have issues and may need further support. At present there is no visibility into participation levels and it would appear this is not possible without asking staff to manually record this as they would if students were physically in class.

Please can this be considered or does anyone have any other suggestions as to how I might solve this or obtain this data? Ideally it needs to be straightforward as the college is supposed to submit daily attendance/participation figures so lots of VLOOKUPS would not be ideal.



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Hi @robinwilson16 


You`ve posted this in the admin forum which is for other local Canvas admins like yourself to exchange tips and tricks. To post feature ideas and have them be considered by Instructure you have to post it here: 


I am still no closer to any solution yet and with lockdown 3 now in full swing I could really do with a way to determine who has completed the set work from the lesson (so if there are 5 questions/activities and they have provided 5 answers then this would be classed as an attendance, if they have not provided answers then they would be classed as absent).

This information should be in the Canvas database and I need to return daily attendance figures to the ESFA. Without visibility of this information at an overall college level, what should be an easy task, becomes impossible.

There appears to have been no development in this area since the original question that was posted back in October last year.