Student Double Enrollment

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I've been dealing with a lot of this lately and it's causing a lot of inconsistencies when I'm counting enrollment. 


For this class in particular, the provisioning report counts ~200 students are enrolled, but the admin dashboard says only 104 and this is why. I'm not sure if it would be better to run a different report that would exclude double enrollments (I'm not aware of it), or to eliminate these double enrollments somehow. 

I already looked at the accounts, and the accounts are not associated with two log-ins. How do I eliminate the "student student" enrollments, just leaving one student? 

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Normally I see this when a teacher or student is in multiple sections in a cross-listed class. In our cross-listing scenarios, it happens very rarely. But I know some institutions use cross-listing to use the same shell for multiple semesters or even grading periods. So if you have, say, a section for every grading period, and multiple grading periods per course shell, and it's the same students in each grading period...

If that IS what's going on, maybe you can just de-dupe the provisioning report?

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