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Student and TA roles

Is there a way to have a TA show up on the grade book? 

Context: I have a course where I would like to have mentors and mentees with some instructors. The instructors will be reviewing feedback that the mentors give the mentees and grading them based on that feedback. The TA role is vital because it pulls the correct role into the integrated app we are using.

Thank you. 

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I think potentially you could edit their role to be able to submit a type of graded assignment, but not actually assign them any graded assignments in the course? But I am not sure this would work.

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@Speakworks You should be able to double roster them.  Not sure the impact this has with "integrated app" you use but for the Canvas side it works.  Basically add them once as TA and then go back and add them as student too.  You will then see two roles listed for them.  Normally the highest role will trump most areas of Canvas but since you are not actually assigning them work to submit, this should work fine.  I just tested with one of my test students and it worked fine.

Hope this helps!