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Turnitin and updated Assignment Enhancements - Students

Has anyone else noticed that if the Assignment Enhancements are turned on for Students that the Turnitin results don't show when students submit assignments with Turnitin attached? In order to see the results, the students have to go into Grades and then into the Turnitin System?

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It’s Maryna, Community Manager from Turnitin. I am sorry for taking so much time to get back to you. Were you able to solve the issue? 

This issue may refer to bug fixes within Assignments. You may check the details here: 

Thus, if you still face issues, I highly recommend getting in touch with Canvas and Turnitin to double-check everything on both ends. If you face any other issues with Turnitin, you are welcome to check out our support center forums here: or reach out to our Support Team directly at

Our team will be glad to assist you.

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Thanks for highlighting this, @CMWilson . I just tested, and it does not appear that this has been resolved. Can you confirm, @Maryna_Dibrova ?


I also noticed that students do not need to acknowledge use of Turnitin when assignment enhancements is enabled. I'll be making a feature request around that shortly.

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Hi, @milesl,

Thank you very much for your question and feedback. 

Assignment Enhancements feature development is ongoing. Thus, I would suggest getting in touch with the Canvas Support Team. They can provide you with the most up-to-date and more detailed information on this feature and known issues the users face. 

You can also check this group, and if there is no feature request raised previously, you may post your suggestion there

If you still have any issues with Turnitin or have any questions to our Support Team, you are welcome to contact us any time. Here are the contact details:  or  

Please let me know if I could be of any other help.