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Utilizing LaTeX in Canvas

Can anyone share your experiences using LaTeX in Canvas? If the instructors are using LaTex, can they then just copy and post the LaTeX code into the Canvas equation editor? 

Thanks very much. 

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@wli40 Yes, you can just paste the LaTex in the equation editor and it will do the converting.  There was a period a few months ago where this was broken and it was doing a mixture of weird HTML and LaTeX but it has since been fixed.  We have more people than I thought would actually using it.

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@nwilson7 Thanks. Do instructors have to use New Quizzes for using LaTex? 

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No, anywhere the equation editor is, it can be used.

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I have noticed today some very odd behaviour with LaTex.

I cannot copy LaTex formula as I would normally write them outside of Canvas

This is what happens -


However, if I add $$ or \( deliminators around JUST ONE of the LaTex eg


It then coverts BOTH to readable format:


Am at a complete loss to know why???

Also, have a read of the Question I asked about Migrating LaTex in Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes -